The Flawed Genius of YuYu Hakusho ft. Kae Savar

2 years ago

YuYu Hakusho is 90s anime at its best, an epic exploration of the limits of the medium at the time. From iconic voicework, gorgeous color pallets, and outstanding direction, YuYu Hakusho stands above its peers at the time in its execution. Written by the same mangaka that would go on to write Hunter x Hunter, he nevertheless chose to cut the run of YuYu Hakusho short for a devastating reason, one which we dive into at the end of the episode.

YYH is chocked full of nostalgia and amazing fights, and still managed to find the time to invent Being Bisexual. Join us on our deep-dive into one of our favorites, and discover the beauty of YuYu Hakusho

00:00 - Get Ready to Die, Yurameshi 00:45 - Show/Guest Intro 04:45 - YYH Production Background 12:45 - The Concept 17:20 - The Aesthetic 21:40 - The Plot Hook 26:10 - The Perfect Dub 32:20 - The Fights 36:05 - Anime vs. Manga 44:15 - The Ending that Wasn't 50:00 - How Writing Manga Destroys You 56:30 - Falling in Love with YYU 59:46 - Outro

We're joined again by Kae from the 3AM Thots podcast (You can find them at @Obaewankaenobi on Twitter and Instagram). Kae is currently studying for their Masters in Interdisciplinary studies focusing on Psychology and linguistics, and is a master of all things related to Anime and/or Chris Evans.

We are also joined today by our faithful cohost, Henry Rosenberg (@Shankitystick)

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