S1E32 - JUJUTSU KAISEN! Best Show of the Year, or Naruto Ripoff?

3 years ago

Winner of Crunchyroll's Best Anime of the Year, JUJUTSU KAISEN is a tour-de-force featuring some of the hypest fights in anime EVER. Gorgeously animated, tightly scripted, and bearing some STRIKING similarities to many other anime, does Jujutsu Kaisen rise above it's influences to become something truly remarkable? Or is it another cookie-cutter anime destined for the scrap heap of history?

Timestamps: 0:00Is Jujutsu Kaisen a Naruto Ripoff? 2:23 Intro 4:37Funimation Class Action Lawsuit 8:15 Lindsay Ellis Twitter Controversy 13:25 Golgo 13 Ties for Longest-Running Manga 14:55 Way of the Houshusband/Yasuke/Jojo's pt.6 17:37 Jujutsu Kaisen Deep-Dive 53:40 Outro

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