The Most Normal Fandom (Legend of Vox Machina) ft. Kae Savar & Emily Bassett

2 years ago

Seven adventurers played by some of the most famous voice actors in history come together. Their quest: To save the world from the wicked evil of the Briarwoods, and in the process bring about the most normal and healthy fandom in the history of online fandoms.

We're joined today by Linguist Brain Genius Extrordinaire Kae Savar (@Obaewankaenobi), whose research on parasocial relationships and fandom discourse is fantastic. We're also joined again by Emily Basset, excellent actor and creative as well as degenerate discourse goblin from the pits of hell. Join us as we dive into the discourse surrounding The Legend of Vox Machina, the history of Critical Role, and the quality of the show itself.

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