S1E19 - DOROHEDORO: Blood, Magic, Lizards & Dumplings ft. Anna Chicco

1 year ago


How does an anime about sorcerers, blood magic, a guy with a lizard head, and a dumpling shop with a blood-drenched plot and an indecipherable name end up on the Netflix Top 10 for like TWO MONTHS out of nowhere? Join us as we dive into the world of Dorohedoro

On this episode we're joined again by NYC-based singer, voice actor, and BIG BRAIN anime nerd, Anna Chicco! (Instagram @swaggabond ) We'd be happy to have a professional Jazz singer, a brilliant scholor, OR a giant weeb on the show, but Anna is what we in the industry call a "Triple Threat." DONT WORRY THIRSTY BOIS, Hal will be back next week :)

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Intro Song: F*** You, Pay Me (Instrumental) by Akira The Don- Twitter: @AkiraTheDon Website: AkiraTheDon.com


The Lizard Song by John Walter

Cover Art by Khori Allen Instagram: @khori_allen

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