S1E30 - Abuse, Artists & Act-Age ft. Julia Black & Kait Fitzpatrick

1 year ago

What makes an artist worth cancelling or forgiving? What is it about the acting/entertainment industry that attracts abusers? How can these systems be reformed in a safer and more equitable way?

Act-Age was quickly becoming one of the most popular manga and Japan, with an anime and stage adaptation both on the way. Then, one day, the artist was arrested for some of the most horrifying assaults imaginable, and the manga was nuked from every legal platform, leaving a trail of victims in his wake.

We brought on Julia Black and Kait Fitzpatrick of the Playbook podcast to talk these issues through with us. They are amazing, insightful, brilliant actors and writers, and together we dive through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Act-Age scandal. You can find their podcast at https://open.spotify.com/show/597oFW85lE5PerWa4nKKV2.

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